Architectural Services: The Different Phases

Architectural services play a vital role in the construction and maintenance of all buildings, infrastructures or structures. Such services work best when used to market construction. There is a wide variety of services that help with creating the best designs, whether it be for buildings or landscapes. Architectural Services can be of great help from the conception to completion stage. All designs are created using computer software including Revit Architecture Auto CAD 3D Studio Max. Visit this site architectural cad services.

Conceptual architectural design Conceptual architectural design is the very first step in building construction. An architect creates a Conceptual design when he conceptually plans a building. Prior to Revit, or Auto CAD’s existence, conceptual drawings were made manually, on paper and in sketches. The number of tools available has made conceptual design much simpler.

Construction Drawing & Drafting
Construction Drawings is created for a building after the concept design has been finalized. The purpose of Construction Drawings (or set) is to simplify the construction phase. These drawings cover an entire building. Construction accuracy is vital. There are many different types of drawings, including Roof Plan, Reflected Ceiling Plan. Elevations. Electrical Plan. Layouts. Site Plan. This drawing can be made using Auto CAD.

Building Information Modeling
This is the key stage for any construction project. This reduces construction time and costs. BIM is basically the compilation of all data and elements relating to the building’s construction into one single model. BIM can give a sense of what a model might look like and how it will work once built. Revit Architecture is one of the most common softwares used for Building Information Modeling.

Architectural 3D modeling and rendering
Architectural3D modelling and rendering are tools used to visual enhance any image or model. Architects create 3D Model using Revit, Auto CAD 3D, 3D Studio max, Maya etc. This is done using Scan line, VRAY and other rendering software to produce a photorealistic look. Images can be created for use in marketing. The software can be used to visually enhance any interior or exterior image, as well as landscapes, objects, lighting and sky, product images and furnishings. This software allows you to create 3D models. Architectural firms, design and construction companies use architectural 3D renderings extensively.