How to Balance your Feminine and Masculine Energy

Do you feel soft and surrendered? What? What?

If you are trying to be a woman who “does it all”, then this will deplete your power, creativity, and zest.

It’s a Catch 22 that most women worry about, because the feminine energy is the way they “become” which rejuvenates them. Click this link

When women are under stress, they still default to masculine energy.

Balance your masculine and feminine energy is one of the most important concepts in women’s empowerment that, I think, is often overlooked.

It is in your feminine energy that you will find creativity, intuition and feelings. The masculine is the structured, concrete, logical way to be in the world.

You can achieve wealth and fulfill your purpose in life by maintaining a healthy balance of both energies.

Many women I know do a pendulum-swing: they either invest too much in their masculine side, which makes them “become men,” or, on the other hand, they remain abstract and focus only on their femininity, never achieving their dreams.