Why invest in physical silver and gold in a self-directed IRA

The controversial topic of physical gold and silver investment has been a hot topic in many investment and trading circles. I can promise you that there will always be proponents as well as opponents to investing in physical precious metals. Each side has their own set of beliefs that are rooted within their views on the pros and cons. This adds fuel to their strong positions. This is a healthy debate because investors need both sides to make the right decision for their investment goals. Come and visit our website search it on Lear Capital you can learn more.

My opinion? My view? History has taught us one thing: economic crisis can strike at any time, even in the most unlikely of circumstances. This is what I learned the hard-way: Total diversification is key in these times.

Here are some of the benefits of investing in physical gold or silver

* Protect your purchasing power when inflation rises.

* It protects you against the Government’s free flow of money printing press. Our country manages debt by printing money more to pay off existing debt. It’s not possible to solve a crisis of debt by printing more money. Who will ultimately pay the price? Most likely, you do not own physical gold or silver.

* It can be used to protect you from a major banking crises, if one were to happen.

* Protect your savings from currency (U.S. Dollar), devaluations

* Gold is more than just a money-saver; it can also be used to build wealth. Gold has outperformed other currencies, the S&P 500 and real estate since 1971.

* Despite what some may think, gold and silver can be liquid investments.

* Physical gold, silver and other tangible investments are possible. Are you really sure that your wealth is safe if it is tied up in something you can’t actually see?

* Gold and silver will never be worth zero

* The supply is declining and there is an increasing demand worldwide

* An IRA can allow appreciation to grow tax-free.

* Gold investing is the secret to the ultra-rich. The richest families in the world currently hold gold. Why don’t they? An IRA makes this possible.

These are just a handful of reasons I choose to invest in physical gold or silver. I do this through a self-directed IRA. Why a self-directed IRA? It’s simple and easy to set up, and your investment will be protected by the governing law just like a regular IRA.