401K To Gold IRA IRA Rollover Fears – Will The Government Seize Your Gold?

There are many investors choosing to invest these precious metals and gold. Investors are searching for ways to save money due to the global economic crisis and fears of another recession. An asset that can be used to protect your investment funds, gold has been a preferred way of securing wealth. Visit our website and learn more about gold IRA investing.

Many investors now choose to withdraw a part of their 401K/IRA, or to liquidate completely their retirement accounts. This money can then be used for precious metals or gold IRAs. Although this is a secure investment, there are many who fear that the government will seize your precious metals. Many people don’t want to think about moving their 401K money to a gold IRA and buying gold bullion.

The truth is that fear that the government will seize gold from investors is simply a tactic used to get investors to invest in collectible ornumismatic currency. The theory is that numismatic or numismatic coin can’t be taken by the government if there is a Presidential decree similar to the one passed by President Roosevelt in 1983. This allowed citizens to keep any collector gold coins, and is what unscrupulous Gold Dealers use to try to convince you to buy expensive collectibles gold coins.

Is the Government able to seize your gold assets?

There is currently no such order that would permit the government seize your gold. The 1933 order also didn’t allow for the government to take gold. It required citizens to return their gold. In exchange, they were paid. Remember, this was at a time when the dollar used to be backed by precious metals. The US dollar no longer has gold backing so the government wouldn’t have any reason to seize gold or make citizens give it back.

You should also ask yourself how many citizens in the United States actually turned over their gold, and how few continued to keep it. If the number common pre-1933 coins of gold is an indication of how many people were willing to comply, you can see that there was a lot of people who held on to their gold. These were coins made from gold that could be used for currency. They weren’t collectible coins.