Portuguese Water Dogs: How to Own One

The Portuguese Water Dogs can be a fantastic family pet, especially for those who enjoy being active with their dogs and spending lots of time together. Portuguese Water Dogs are a good companion for people who enjoy being active and outdoors, such as going on walks or running. They also make great water sport partners. It is the perfect breed name for a dog that’s very active. Although the dog enjoys living at home and adapts easily, it is happier if they have daily access to fresh water.

Portuguese Water Dogs are no longer required to fish due to the advancement of fishing technology. It is not necessary to use the Portuguese Water Dog anymore for retrieving lost items or carrying messages between boats and shore. Breeds like this one are favored as companion dogs and need a great deal of time and attention with the family. Dogs still love playing in the mud and water. They will enjoy living near lakes, rivers or any other bodies of water.

Portuguese Water Dogs are a breed with a strong affinity to water. This is rooted deep in their origins. More than 500 years have passed since the Portuguese Water Dog was introduced to Iberia. The breed was immediately recognized for their incredible skills in water. Portugal, being a nation of fishermen, used the dogs aboard boats in order to assist them. They would obey commands, dive deep into oceans to recover equipment dropped by fishermen or lure fish into nets. The dog still possesses these traits.

Due to its water-related origins and the fact that it is an retriever by nature, this dog will always want to be near or in the water. The owner must be always ready to participate in an active game of fetch. It is fun to take the dog on a trip to the lake or the seashore and throw a stick. The dog would run and dive into the water, retrieve the stick from the owner, then bring it to him. He could happily do this all day and not tire.

Like any dog that has its origins in the water, the Portuguese Water Dog doesn’t need access to the water daily, but does crave it. When properly exercised and trained, the dog will thrive. The Portuguese Water Dog breed is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a competitive dog that can perform well at sporting events. This breed is easily trainable with a firm hand, yet gentle discipline. It is important to train your dog as it will help you bond better with him and give the dog the opportunity to get the proper exercise. It is true that a Portuguese Water Dog might not be the best breed for everyone, but those who enjoy water sports will find it a great choice.