Venetian window blinds – How to measure, install and maintain

Venetian Blinds Measurement

You need to take into consideration a few things when you are measuring blinds. This quick guide will assist you. Make sure to have paper, a pencil, and tape measure. Come and visit our website search it on blinds wollongong you can learn more.

What is the measurement in…

Measuring in millimetres is important, as many blind suppliers specify a millimetre size.

How to measure…

The window face or window recess are both possible locations for blind installation in normal window areas. Venetian Blinds may be installed on your wall or window frame, or in the recess at the top. The blind can be positioned in any way you want.

If you want to measure the recess, use this:

You need to ensure that the Venetian Blind can be mounted inside the window frame. The blind will protrude if the depth is less than 50mm. It may be worthwhile to install your blind outside of the window recess, as it is a face-fit.

2) Measure the distance between the walls at the top. The brackets will go here. Make sure you measure the entire width of each area to be certain that the measurements are the same (or nearly the same) and there are no bulges on the wall which could affect the operation. Take note of the measurement that is the shortest. Remove 10mm on each side. You will have more flexibility if your wall is different and your blind will not be damaged. We recommend that you install your blind on the front of the window to completely cover it.
To measure the depth, take the distance from the top edge of the recess down to the base.
Take note of the length.

How to measure your face

You can measure the exact size of your blind by measuring where it will be placed. To reduce the gaps at the sides of the blinds, you can add an additional 50mm-100mm overlap to the window frame.
Take note of the length.
You can measure the distance from the height of the blind you wish to place, all the way down.
Please note the exact measurement.

Also, remember:

Make sure that all recess measurements are 10mm smaller on each side.
• Measure twice for accuracy.
Please note the direction you want the controls so they can be easily reached.
It is essential to measure for obstructions such as handles on windows.
We recommend measuring the window to a maximum of approx. 20 mm from the floor. It will allow for enough room to the baserail and give it the freedom to move.
When installing Venetian Blinds, remember to elevate the blind 250mm higher than the frame. This will allow for the Venetian Blind Mechanism to reach as much of the glass as possible. The blinds will be able to let in more light and this is especially important if they are installed on doors.