The Certainty Delusion – How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Believe in Everything

Do you believe in God Ghosts? Is there a free will? Evolution? Intelligent design? Ancient aliens? Life after death? Oblivion? I do, and I don’t. It’s not a child-like belief system, but I have created a new one. It struck me how absurd it was to believe in everything completely, especially given that the laws and principles of physics have failed. Even renowned physicists still don’t know if we live in a universe we created or are the creations of higher intelligence. It seems that our stable and reliable universe is now a multiverse. In order to know yourself better and own yourself better, you need to know seeing a fox at night meaning

Dr Michio, a Japanese-American theoretical scientist, says that although I may be in my office right at the moment, I could be simultaneously in the middle and bottom of an endless ocean filled with flesh-eating beasts. Their atoms vibrating at a different frequency to mine would mean that I could not see, hear, touch, or smell them.

If this is true, you might be wondering if there could not be a blue moon that occupies the same space and area as our own moon. But it’s unlikely.

Where does all this uncertainty leave Belief then? My solution is straightforward. I no longer believe in one thing, but I disavow another. Each and every idea has a percentage of credence. I might give an idea 60% credibility if it seems plausible. However, if it sounds outrageous, I’ll award it a lowly 13%.

The world became far less reasonable once I adopted this new mindset. People, with their blind faith in one thing, and their rejection of the other, found it difficult to fit in with me. I was irritated by some of them.

Richard Dawkins, geneticist and author of The Selfish Gene, wrote an interesting book. I actually read the majority of it. Later, he wrote The God Delusion. Dawkins was probably possessed by Satan to write this book. He likely wanted to discredit his previous scientific work, and to bring back religion and the belief of God and His nemesis Satan. But I’m just speculating.