The Miracle Mushroom for Health, Wealth and Happiness

A medicinal food product without any side effects. It can improve one’s constitution, increase the body’s healing ability, to help maintain a healthy body and have a long life. Though man was aware of the therapeutic effects of ganoderma for thousands of years, only in the 1970’s was it successfully cultivated for medical use. Read more now on Soulcybin

It is at once a hemocatharsis, detoxicant, diuretic, liver protector, intestine regulator, cardio-tonic, blood pressure adjuster, a cola tonic, anti-tussive and expectorant, a tranquilizer and an anti-tumor drug. Out of the several varieties of mushrooms, 6 of the red Ganoderma L. mushroom have the highest therapeutic effect and are known as the “King of Herbs”.

DXN produces this medicinal food product out of Ganoderma Lucidum grown through special tissue culture and organic cultivation method without using any chemical fertiliser or insecticide. RG is effective in scanning diseases, cleansing toxins, regulating body functions, ensuring recovery of health, preserving youthfulness and contains polysaccharides, organic germanium, adenosine, ganoderic essence, triterpenoides, protein and fibre. While polysaccharides function as a cleanser, organic germanium acts as a balancer increasing the oxygen content in the body and regulating the balance of electrical charges in the body.

The adenosine acts as a regulator lowering cholesterol and lipids, stabilising red cell membrane and regulating the metabolism for a youthful feeling. The triterpenoids act as a builder enhancing the digestive system and activating the nucleus of body cells. The Ganodermic essence acts as a regenerator overcoming skin diseases with rejuvenation of body tissue and beautification of the skin. GL serves as a brain tonic, oxygen supplier and the basis for body growth and contains almost four times more of polysaccharides and organic germanium compared to RG in addition to a whole spectrum of vitamins and minerals. The organic germanium in GL enables more oxygen to the brain and nerves/organs and act as a brain tonic and for cleansing nerves and stabilizing them also improving eyesight, hearing, kidney disorders with a special ability to control abnormal cells.

Ganoderma’s basic functions according to Dr. Shigeru Yuji’s clinical experiments showed that:

1. It lowers Cholesterol in the blood and the amount of excessive fat.

2. It reduces blood’s sugar level and restores pancreas functions.

3. It lowers blood lipids and stabilize red cell membrane.

4. It contains Adenosine which can lower platelet’s aggulation, lyse thrombi and prevent


5. It improves the function of the cortes of the adrenal glands to maintain endocrine balance.

6. It elevates the natural healing ability of the body, allows the body to establish a strong immune system.

7. It prevents tissue cell degeneration.

8. It prevents senility, maintaining a youthful constitution.

9. It lowers the side effects of antihypertensive drugs.

10. It prevents organ degeneration.

11. It prevents allergy caused by antigens, because it inhibits the histamme releasing mastcell.

12. It prevents and treats cancer and inhibits cancer cell metatastis

a. Normalizes to prevent tissue degeneration.

b. Prevents sudden death of cancer patients caused by embolism.

c. Inhibits thrombogenesis and lyses thrombi on the wall of the surrounding tissues and removes blockade of cancer medication, increases these drugs effectiveness.

d. Relieves pain caused by cancer.